The Forger

Manual Cinema worked in collaboration with the New York Times to create shadow animations and original music/ sound design for The Forger, a short film about the life and work of Adolfo Kaminsky- the famed Paris Forger that worked during WWII. “How do you become a forger? Out of necessity and by chance,” says Adolfo Kaminsky. As a teenager, Kaminsky saved thousands of lives by forging passports to help children flee the Nazis. He spent his life helping others escape atrocities around the world. This is the story of the secret life of Adolfo Kaminsky, a man who spent decades making fake passports so that people could cross borders and flee persecution. CREDITS By Samantha Stark, Alexandra Garcia, Pamela Druckerman and Manual Cinema Studios. Shadow Animation Credits Directed by Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, and Julia Miller Puppetry by Lizi Breit, Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, and Julia Miller Director of Photography: Maren Celest Music Composed by Kyle Vegter and Ben Kauffman Music Performed by Myra Hinrichs (violins), Aimee Biasiello (viola), Alex Ellsworth (cello), Kyle Vegter (piano), Ben Kauffman (guitar) Music Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Kyle Vegter Sound Design by Kyle Vegter and Ben Kauffman Special Thanks to Naomi Garriock

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