Esperanza Spalding - Move Many (joints)

Move Many (Joints) sense of stiffened directives and encumbered patterns spontaneously bending, shifting, and dancing into new possibilities of movement and problem solving for enhanced response ability when personal and/or collective info-radiating needles are identified as needing to be moved by many degrees.


“Move Many” Music by Matthew Stevens

Lyrics by Esperanza Spalding

Director/Writer: Jordan Phelps

Executive Producer: Vincent Martell 

Director of Photography: Greg Stephen Reigh

Gaffer: Kevin Veselka

Shadows Director: Sarah Fornace

Editor: Sarah Fornace and Drew Dir

Storyboard: Sarah Fornace and Drew Dir

Puppets: Julia VanArsdale Miller and Drew Dir

Backgrounds: Drew Dir Puppet Build

Build Assistant: Myra Su

Puppeteers: Kasey Foster, Charlotte Long, Leah Casey

Shadow Esperanza: Leah Casey

A Manual Cinema and VAM STUDIO Production